Speaker FAQ

Speaker Assistance

The team at The RDCR appreciates your business, and we hope that you will find this event to be of benefit to your regional business. Below are a number of tips to aid you in the preparation and execution of your presentation.

Set-up and Audio Visuals:
You are able to choose between speaking on the move with a lapel wireless microphone, or from a fixed lectern at the front of the conference room. You will be provided with a screen, computer and data projector to help in your presentation. Please send us your requirements at you earliest convenience.

PC based presentations, such as PowerPoint, are highly recommended. Please do not exceed 5MB.

We will have onsite technicians available at all times, and you will have ample time to check and prepare before you speak. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance at any time.

At the end of each session, the Moderator will open the floor for the questions and answer session. Microphones will be provided for the questions, and all delegates will be ask to state their company and full name before asking questions.

Presentation Content:
From our experience and from the feedback we have gathered from the audience due to attend, case studies and factual information drawn from day to day operations. The key to a successful presentation is sharing knowledge and best practices with your existing and potential customers and giving them an inside look at what takes place in your company.

Pure sales pitches are not recommended.

In order to maximize the impact of your speech, try to maintain eye contact with your audience at all times, and try to avoid reading directly from your papers.

One of the main problems that are encountered is presentation length, and speaker running out of time. It can be easy to overestimate your time. The moderator will be strict with the timings of the presentation as the day is formatted to fit the correct number of slots and ensure there is plenty of time the Q&A sessions.

Microphones will be set up for you. The technicians will control the audio levels and adjust them to suit your voice. Please speak normally, slowly and clearly!

Full simultaneous translation will be provided throughout the event. It is very important that you do not speak to quickly, otherwise the interpreters will find it difficult to keep up and key points from your presentation could get lost.

Visual Aid
PowerPoint Slides:
Do not exceed 40 characters in a full width line
Please ensure that the font size is at least 30 point
Do not exceed 10 horizontal lines of text
Leave at least one full letter height between lines
Please do not prepare too many slides as you may run out of time to present all of them.

Complex and overcrowded information make material difficult to read and understand – so do not try to get all your information on a single visual. If delegates can’t understand your message instantly, they will lose interest.
Show people trends rather than tables of detailed figures.

Avoid complex and detailed text on visuals. Use key words and phrases only.

Pictures add interest to slide presentations and capture the attention of the audience, giving them a clearer understanding of the subject matter.

Show people trends rather than tables of detailed figures.

Avoid complex and detailed text on visuals. Use key words and phrases only.

Please do enjoy yourself. TMG Media staff will be on hand and are happy to help with any problems you may have.