Aker Energy’s Pecan Field development postponed indefinitely!

The oil price and a fear that deliveries will stop means that Kjell Inge Røkke and Aker Energy are now putting the brakes on their billion-dollar project in Ghana. In total, 150 people working on the project can be affected. Aker Energy’s employees received the grim message at public meetings on Friday: The Pecan field has been postponed indefinitely.

We have not set a date for when we will take up the project again. We monitor the market and the situation around us, but market analyzes indicate that this situation can last a long time. That is why we are now taking proactive steps to protect the values ​​we have, ”says CEO of Aker Energy to E24.

The entire oil industry is now hit by a low oil price and the corona crisis.

– We have been through cyclical oil prices in the industry before and it has to be prepared when working in oil and gas, but what is so special now is that demand is also so much affected by the corona situation, says Liknes